The Cave of Zeus

Dilek Peninsula National Park on the left side of the entrance gate, 200 m. is inside. Entrance of the cave, 20 meters long slate (slippery) from the stony path is provided. The name of the national park due to the wishes of the cave in the trees left and right sides of the cloth for Dilek parts are connected. The cave has been entered into, he sees the face of majestic gods like Zeus will. 10 to 15 feet deep into a pool of water has almost here. Blue Green colored water from the mountains and the sea of fresh water from salt water with a mixture of mineral water has become a prosaic. In winter tourists in the summer of local young people into the swimming pool is magnificent caves. Team at the end of the safari in Kusadasi Duragı always magarasıdır zeus. All day yorğunlunu cool waters of the cave they go swimming . Göktanrısı Zeus in mythology, when her brother Poseidon hand by removing the three-prong, and then surging waves, the sea upside down to escape the wrath of Poseidon residents to wait for healing found shelter in this cave. Rest and would be washed. Güzelçamlı residents and foreign tourists, a wave of the sea and air in the days when the sea is not permitted to swim here nowadays, just like Zeus, he will breathe the air of the mythological.