Ephesus, known as one of the most fascinating archeological sites in the world, was a large port and trading center at the crossroads of important trade routes, such as the King road and the Silk road. As the most visited antique site of Turkey, Ephesus is the gate to Turkey's presentation to the world. Every year millions of visitors come to Ephesus for its marvelous and mystical atmosphere. Huge granite columns are witnesses of the city's former magnificence and many worth-seeing sites surround it: the Artemision, one the Seven Wonders, Saint-John's church, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, the Shrine of the Virgin Mary, the Mosque of Isabey and the archeological museum of Selcuk. Originally Ephesus was a harbour city but due to the Menderes alluviums over the centuries, the site is now removed from the sea by about 5-6 kms.